Ingredient Spotlight: Goji Berries for Radiant Skin

Jun 6, 2018 | Face Oil

How this Superfood Maintains a Youthful Complexion

Goji berries – you might recognize them as a tiny little fruit sprinkled on acai bowls or added to your morning smoothie, but did you know they’ve been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine for a range of medicinal and beauty supporting benefits?

In ancient China, goji berries were known as the ‘wolf berry’ and known to promote longevity and good health through age. Benefits of goji berry consumption included lowering cholesterol, reducing autoimmune disorders, balancing blood sugar and serving as a potent anti-inflammatory. Certain texts also spoke to the berry’s other benefits including strengthening muscles and tendons and revitalizing the skin.

Today, we’re diving into this superfood ingredient and learning more about how it can keep skin looking firm, supple and youthful.

How Do Goji Berries Benefit the Skin?

Goji berries are rich in skin healing antioxidants that are key to maintaining youthful, glowing skin. Antioxidants help our skin retain moisture, and encourage skin cell regeneration, and they also help fight free radical damage brought on by pollution, poor diet and sun damage. Goji berries also help reduce inflammation, thereby minimizing wrinkles and the physical signs of aging. Goji is also an extremely important ingredient for mature skin and helps correct pigmentation and age spots while also targeting hyperpigmentation brought on by sun damage or previous breakouts.

What Specific Nutrients Make Goji Berries So Important for Skin?

Vitamin C: one of the most important vitamins for a clear, glowing and youthful complexion, vitamin C is an important co-factor in collagen production. Collagen can be thought of as the springs of a mattress, and levels tend to decline as we get older, resulting in a less firm complexion.

Vitamin A: encourages skin cell turnover and helps to even skin tone and heal previous sun damage or hyperpigmentation. Vitamin A has been used for years in acne treatments and helps to diminish scarring while brightening the complexion.

Zinc: Zinc helps the body fend off bacteria and viruses, while also reducing inflammation, encouraging speedy wound healing and regulating an oily complexion, which can be helpful for people prone to acne, rosacea, psoriasis and eczema. A true multi-tasker, zinc has also been shown to increase levels of collagen and elastin.

Carotenoids: These phytonutrients contain potent amounts of antioxidants, helping to reduce inflammation and protect the skin’s barrier while fighting wrinkle causing free radicals.

Amino Acids: Goji berries are packed with skin loving amino acids which help to maintain a supple, hydrated complexion by encouraging collagen, elastin and other proteins to effectively ‘connect’ with one another. Certain studies have also shown topical amino acid application to encourage faster wound healing and protection from UV damage!

To summarize the benefits of this magical fruit:

  • Goji berries help reduce inflammation and soothe an irritated complexion

  • They contain potent anti-aging ingredients to help reduce wrinkles and visible signs of aging

  • They contain potent antioxidants to brighten and revitalize dull complexions

  • They encourage the skin to retain moisture and support the production of collagen

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