rose-shapeThe Luxury Face Oil is by far the best product I have ever used and I have tried many over the years!

Only a few drops morning and night and this has become my complete skin care regime. I could not believe the difference in my skin after only one week of use! Fine lines are diminishing and I have received so many compliments on how soft and healthy my skin looks! it truly is luxury for your skin! Amazing product, great service and such impressive packaging! So happy I’ve found you!! I have recommended you to many!

~ Joan, 63

rose-shapeThis is a face oil I’ve been waiting for. A powerful face oil that deeply hydrates, soothes inflammation, revitalizes and protects the skin’s barrier against bad guys trying to make it unhappy.

The first time I applied Jennifer Joan Face Oils, I fell for the beautiful scent alone. After a night (that’s right, one night) of allowing it to heal my irritated and dry skin from using Retinol, my skin glowed with a vibrancy we are all looking for. It is now part of my weekly skincare routine and without it, my skin isn’t the same.

~ Shauna, 42 years


rose-shapeJennifer Joan is now my favourite face oil! I have tried creams and oils from brands from Darphin to La Prairie and this is hands down the best oil of them all.

It’s beautiful going on, so luxurious and the best thing about it other than the fantastic results is that it doesn’t come off on the pillows at night like so many do.  I’m 58 and my skin looks better than it has in years! I’ll be using this oil every night from now on.

~ Laura, 58 years


I look forward to using Jennifer Joan Luxury oil every night after cleansing. Just a few drops of this precious blend, gently massaged into my face and throat, goes a long way.

rose-shapeIt’s by far my favourite night time beauty product, and my skin looks amazing when I wake up.

Refreshed, renewed and my fine lines have softened considerably since I started using this beautiful face oil 6 months ago. I’m out in the sun a lot, but you would never know it by this amazing oil. It slips on like silk, absorbs without leaving a greasy residue, and is an absolutely blissful aromatic experience.

~ Donna, 40 years


Luxury is a winner!  After only a few days of usage, I noticed that my skin looked revitalized & glowing. Absolutely wonderful!  I have been using Luxury for about 9 months now & have noticed that my pores are more refined & I’m almost positive that my wrinkles are not as deep.

rose-shapeI am very impressed with the quality & number of oils used in this formulation. Will definitely continue using it. 

Thanks Jennifer Joan for creating a luxuriously scented oil that really delivers. This face oil is a keeper.

~ Lorraine, 68 years


I was at first reluctant to use an “oil” on my skin – I had used serums for many years; however, this line is pure luxury and aptly named. I live in Phoenix, AZ and am sold on the Luxury face oil and the Mandarin body oil. I have started spritzing my face with Evian before application. There is no residue on my bed linens or clothes-a huge plus! I would recommend these products to anyone. The body oils are going to be my gift to people on my Christmas list.

rose-shapeYou will feel like you have been to a luxurious spa.


~ Gail


I want to tell you how impressed I am with your face oil.  It is the best face oil I have ever tried (I am on my second bottle now).  

rose-shapeI love the way my skin looks and feels.  Thank you for creating them.


~ Sonata, 58 years


I use both the Classic and Luxury Jennifer Joan face oil. I use the Luxury Oil on my face every morning and I use the Classic Oil at night 2-3 times per week. I have combination skin and I was worried that using oil everyday would cause breakouts, but in fact the opposite has happened, my skin is softer and more clear and some of the redness in my cheeks has subsided.

rose-shapeI use the Luxury oil alone or under makeup and I love the slightly dewy look it gives me; it goes on like silk without a greasy residue left behind. I also put the classic oil on my torn cuticles at night and I swear they seal by morning.

If I have any left on my hands after applying it I like to rub it in my hair.  The smells of both the luxury and classic oils appeal to me, I find them earthy without being overpowering. 

Jennifer Joan face oil is on my permanent rotation of purchases for beauty products; it feels like an indulgent purchase, with the elegant bottle and rich oil but it is affordable, selling for far less than other comparable oils and worth every drop.

~ Angela, 42 years


I have used both the Classic and Luxury oils available through the Jennifer Joan collection for about six months. I am a woman of 70 and feel that that is all that I require both morning and night. It leaves my skin feeling soft and never oily.  I will continue purchasing this product.

rose-shapeMy husband uses the oil on his bald head! He says that it is the only product that removes the dryness. Nothing else works for him. He will definitely continue with the product.

~ Claudette, 70 years


rose-shapeThis is a life changing product.


I couldn’t believe the difference in the texture and hydration level of my skin. The face oil leaves a radiant glow all day and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles quite quickly. I also like the fact it’s all natural and has nothing but high end healthy ingredients for the skin.

After only using the face oil for three days, I noticed a vast improvement in the hydration and texture of my skin with a beautiful all day glow.

~ Liz, 41 years


I’ve been using the Luxury Oil for about 6 months now. I can honestly say my skin looks healthier & is soft and well hydrated …… which is a challenge living in a dry climate.

rose-shapeAn added bonus has been the amazing effect it has had on a large scar on my face, from a rather nasty, deep surgery for melanoma. The scar tissue continues to soften & the scar is barely visible now after 4 months.

Love this natural, beautiful smelling oil! I highly recommend it!

~ Barb, 62 years


rose-shapeI love using the ‘Luxury’ face oil. I use it daily and I use a drop or two in my regular daily moisturizer (day & night). I’m in my late 60’s and I love the way it makes my skin look & feel. I’ll never go without again.

~ Rita, 68 years


I absolutely love the Luxury face oil. As someone with terrible acne, I was really hesitant to put anything oily on my face. But it started to work right away and I was hooked!

rose-shapeI don’t know what kind of magic is in that bottle, but it took away my redness and got rid of my acne! It also smells amazing, and I feel like a total goddess when I put it on before bed!

~ Amanda, 28 years




I’ve struggled with bad skin since I was 14 in varying degrees (I am now 35) and have literally tried it all. I am in the process of weaning my daughter and my normally oily and acne prone skin has become even more out of control and embarrassing over the past couple months, to the point even makeup makes my skin look even worse.

rose-shapeI’ve literally spent thousands of dollars (not an exaggeration) on ALL the products for acne and my bathroom drawers are filled with products that are half used. I have never found anything that has calmed & cleared my skin SO quickly as your face oil.

I only started using it on Sunday night and I’m on day 3 and my skin is luminous and the painful cystic acne on my jawline has calmed and is now healing. My skin no longer feels tight and dehydrated or painful.

I am so happy to have found your product and I am so excited to purchase the full size bottle. I can tell I will be a lifelong devoted customer.

~ Jen, 35


I have been using the Imperfect Face Oil now for almost a year and it has done wonders to my skin.

rose-shapeAt first I was skeptical about putting oil on my face because my skin has always been naturally oily, and I struggle with acne, but as soon as I started using the oil I instantly fell in love with it.

It made my skin feel nourished and hydrated. It was only within a couple of weeks that I began to notice my acne clearing up and that I was starting to get fewer and fewer breakouts. Before using the Imperfect Oil, I had tried various brands of acne medication and I found that many made my skin worse and others did nothing at all, which was not only disappointing but also costly. I am so happy to have finally discovered something that works so well for my skin, as I now feel so much more confident. The change has been so noticeable that friends constantly ask me what I am using on my skin and now many of them have started using Jennifer Joan’s Face Oils themselves. My desire has always been to have beautiful, clear and radiant skin, and now I finally do thanks to the Imperfect Face Oil.

~ Natasha, 23 years


rose-shapeMagic in a bottle.  I’ve suffered from acne since I was a pre-teen (I’m now in my mid-thirties) and have never been able to get it under control, for any amount of time….until now. My skin is now soft, smooth and acne  free. I’ll be a lifelong customer, for sure.

~ Kay, 35 years


I’ve always suffered from cystic acne; the bumps that are beneath the skin that turn bright red and hurt just to look at and seem to last forever. I currently have a little family of them on my chin and they’ve brought some friends, so I decided my “imperfect” skin was in need of some help. I ordered the Imperfect Face Oil and slathered some on my chin as soon as it arrived; by that evening one of the non-cystic pimples shed the scab that had formed and had lost some of it’s irritated redness.

rose-shapeI reapplied the imperfect oil to my entire face prior to bed and woke up in the morning to my cystic acne visibly reduced in size, the redness had subsided and the pain had decreased; my face was no longer screaming at me.

Honestly, if someone had told me with one day’s use of the Imperfect Oil I would notice a difference in these little beasts on my face I wouldn’t have believed them, but I also felt like I had nothing to lose. At the end of the day I gained a face that I’m not embarrassed to take out in public and the hopefulness that I will encounter less of my little friends in the future.

~ Willow, 42 years


rose-shapeAmazing & so thankful to finally find the perfect fix for my skin as it has been difficult lately with breakouts since going through menopause.

Imperfect skin oil by JJ has totally changed my skin to be so clear & beautiful! Love this oil!!

~ Trish, 70 years


rose-shapeMy blemishes have disappeared and when I do have the odd breakout, the oil completely heals the pimples. I use it every night, and got rid of all my other night creams.

I was hesitant to try a face oil as my skin is very sensitive. After using the face oil, I can’t stop talking about how great it is! My skin looks brighter & smoother after using the oils. It really is a miracle oil!

~ Susan, 31 years




This face oil is magic in a bottle! I have been using The Classic for the past 2 years and I will never go back to my old products. It is light enough to wear in hot humid climates without making me break out, and heavy duty enough to use in the dry cold winters of Calgary Canada. I can not say enough good thing about this oil and I am constantly recommending it to everyone I know.

rose-shapeI am rarely this pleased or loyal to a skin product. This is the real deal!

~ Virginia, 34 years


This product is amazing!!! I have dry skin in the winter and have always had an issue with flaking on my face. I used to hate applying my powder because the flaking would be even more noticeable. I use the classic every night and no more dry skin and the flaking is gone! I had previously tried a lot of very expensive lotions and this oil is the only thing that has worked and gives my skin the moisture it desperately needs. I have very sensitive skin and have had no breakouts using it. Results were immediate and I have been using it for over a year. Classic face oil only for this girl! I have my friends and family hooked!

rose-shapeI also like the price…you can buy face oil at Sephora but you’re paying over double. I love supporting local and you always get a deal when doing so!

~ Merissa, 31 years


After moving to Calgary from BC, I was unpleasantly surprised by how quickly my skin had become dry and flaky. I found that the face oils I had tried either made my skin too oily, or didn’t moisturize enough. Eventually, I developed stubborn, dry patches around my nose, and on my chin. I was so relieved when I found Jennifer Joan face oil. I’m in love with it!!!

In the morning, I put the oil on my clean face, before I put my make-up on. About a month after using Jennifer Joan face oil, my little acne scars had diminished. I also found that the minor redness in my skin tone evened out a lot. Shortly after, those stubborn dry patches also went away. My friends noticed a difference in my skin, and of course, I told them about the face oil. They all have different skin types and needs, so Jen recommended specific types of the face oils to suit their needs.

rose-shapeI have gotten a lot of my friends hooked on it, and now everyone else who noticed their skin is hooked on it too! Because of these reasons, I highly recommend it!!!

~ Annah, 25 years


Jennifer Joan oil has now become my must have with my facial routine. Once you try it, you will be hooked!  

rose-shapeI love, love, love it! My skin glows!

~ Tanya, 44 years


I have always had super sensitive skin but a year ago my skin flared up with eczema and nothing would help. It hurt like crazy, was itchy flakey. My lips were super puffy.

rose-shapeI’ve been using the oil for 4 days and from the  moment I put it on my face the pain went away.  I’ve tried so many other products and this one is magical! Thank you Jen!!!!

~ Dale Lynn


I have spent 30 years with the inconvenience of “bad skin” from various degrees of cystic acne beginning at the young age of 9 to mild acne in my mid-thirties. I have heard over and over “you have to try this, it will clear up your skin” and feel the internal disappointment when it didn’t work. I have truly used every product out there including having weekly acid peels from a dermatological specialist for a year to Accutane five times between the ages of 11-17.

I began using Aveeno in my mid-thirties, somewhat pleased with the results compared to previous years. I internally accepted my “bad skin” as part of who I was until I started using Jennifer Joan face oil. If this product existed 30 years ago my life would have been so different: outgoing, confident and feeling beautiful. The Classic blend has magically cleared every blemish, scar and fine line leaving my skin smooth, radiant, warm and healthy.

Thank you Jennifer Joan Face Oil for creating an exceptional product that rose-shapehas allowed me to love who I see in the mirror every day.

~ Jules, 38 years


I have finally found something that works!  I’ve spent most of my life struggling with problem skin on my face, neck, and chest – including acne, blackheads, cystic acne, and (worst of all) bad hormonal breakouts. 

rose-shapeI’ve tried every solution, the cheap ones, the expensive ones, prescription astringents, proactiv, changing my diet, etc. etc. and nothing has ever left me with clearer, healthier, more beautiful skin than this oil.

I use the classic in the morning after cleansing with cetaphil, and the classic mixed with the imperfect at night after using a simple micellar cleansing cloth. That’s it.  It was totally counter-intuitive to put oil on my already super oily combination skin, but I’m so glad I did! I’ve got my face back, and I’ve got my time back (no more 20 minute cleansing/toning/makeup routine).  Thanks Jennifer Joan!! You’re a lifesaver. 

~ Heather, 36 years


rose-shapeThis oil has become a staple of my facial skin care regimen. It leaves my skin in beautiful, supple condition.

~ Jill, 44 years


I have officially replaced all my old moisturizers with this amazing face oil! I’ve been using the classic blend for six months now both in the morning and at night.

rose-shapeIt’s completely eliminated my eczema and keeps my skin hydrated in the dry Calgary climate. I love that its %100 natural – my skin has never felt or looked better!

~ Stephanie, 29 years


rose-shapeI have been using the ‘Classic’ face oil for about 8 months now and I can’t imagine going to bed without it on my face and neck.

I love it! I have had my fair share of skin problems and now in my forties, I’m still dealing with many imperfections. Age spots, millia and even acne from time to time. Since using the Jennifer Joan oil, I feel I have a more evened out skin tone and I’m not breaking out as much. Sold!

~ Londa, 41 years


rose-shapeSince I started using Jennifer Joan Face Oil, my fine lines have smoothed out! I use it every day and every night, and I am very happy with it.

~ Joyce, 41 years




This oil is an absolute must have for me especially during the long, cold, dry winters in Calgary Canada.

rose-shapeI have tried numerous lotions and none of them have ever held up to their promise to keep my skin hydrated all day during the winter. This oil does the trick! I use it every morning after I get out of the shower and my skin absolutely loves it.

I once forgot to pack it when going away for the weekend and I won’t make that mistake again. The scent is lovely and soft, not overbearing in any way. I can’t recommend the body oils enough!

~ Virginia, 34 years


I bought the Classic body oil & I just love it!! The delicate rose scent is just lovely – uplifts my spirit & sets the perfect tone for my day. On a more prosaic level – my forearms which were quite ‘leathery’ due to excess sun exposure while gardening, are now soft & silky & normal looking. So very happy about that. My cuticles & nails have improved as well.

rose-shapeTo repeat – I simply love this oil both for its skin benefit & glorious scent. 11 stars !!!!

~ Laureen, 68 years


I have always shied away from applying product to my skin, not because I don’t believe in the benefits but because I’m lazy. I love the Jennifer Joan face oils and how my skin has improved with them so I decided to try the body oil, maybe I can push my inherent laziness aside and be good to myself. Lucky me, the bottle makes for a real easy application, after I shower and while my skin is still damp I’ve just been pumping the oil straight on my skin and then rubbing it in.

rose-shapeThere are multiple things I love about this oil; it absorbs fast, it feels like silk, it can replace my perfume or I can layer it with a scent and it keeps my skin soft all day.

I now own two of the scents and I love them both equally, but I’m reviewing this one because I didn’t know if I would love this particular scent and I do, oh so much. I”m not normally a “Fleur” girl, I’m a rock’m, sock’m, spice girl, but this scent is so sexy and universal, I want to have it on me at all times. I feel like my love for these oils will win over my laziness.

~ Mila, 41 years


I use the oil after every bath or shower. Moisturizes nicely and leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft all day.

plum  The scent is great, nothing overpowering or strong.

I highly recommend this product and will purchase again.

~ Paul, 69 years


rose-shapeI am obsessed with this oil!

The packaging is beautiful- love the cap for the pump which makes for easy travel. The scent is neither masculine nor feminine- just warm and beautiful unisex scent for moisturizing. Also great for massages!

~ Angela, 42 years




plumIncredible product. Beard has never been healthier. Scent is present but not overpowering. I’ve tried numerous oils but JJ has become the only one in my regime.

~ Mike, 34 years


So I’m finished my first bottle of JJ Beard Oil and couldn’t be happier with the product!plum

I no longer use any other. As a carpenter I find it difficult to keep my beard hydrated but no longer have this issue, with no oily feeling. My beard feels the fullest and healthiest it has ever been and has an unbelievably soft feeling.

Can’t wait to try the new scents Jen has come up with! Thanks for the time and love you put into your products! You can feel the difference!

~ Denis, 36 years


This beard oil has a beautiful and invigorating scent. It always reminds me of those fragrant summer days hiking in the mountains.

plumI use it every single day because it softens my beard, tames the hair, and gives it a healthy shine! Love it!!

~ Ryan, 41 years


Since I started using the beard oil (I never have used one before), I’ve come to really enjoy it.

plumThe texture of my beard has become much smoother and healthier looking. The aroma is also very pleasant.

~ Matt, 29 years


Jennifer Joan Oil is the best beard oil that I’ve ever tried. The Tobacco Vanilla fragrance is REAL man type stuff- Clean, powerful, confident, masculine, and sexy.  Its smokey, woodsy, with a hint of spice, but finished with some vanilla keeping it fresh and light, and leaves no greasiness or weight.  It goes on smooth, softens and de-frizzifies, tames the gnarliest beard leaving it silky smooth and conditioned …  I’ve been blessed with a beard like a barbeque brush and with regular use, Jennifer Joan leaves the skin soft and hydrated.  No more itchy wire bristle face, just a flowing mane of manliness…

plumCome on, bring out the real man in you, get some control of that chin strap and use this beard oil!

~ Danny, 41 years


I have been using JJ Beard original beard oil for months. I love the smell and how soft I makes my beard. I just heard Jennifer has made more scents recently and I can’t wait to test them out! The original is a classy vanilla and pipe tobacco scent.

plumSomething the legendary Ron Burgundy would wear while sipping some scotch.

~ Joshua, 33 years